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Getting Started with Call Manager

Run your conference calls from your desktop or mobile device.


Welcome to Call Manager, the desktop meeting dashboard for Reservationless-Plus Audio Conferences. Available to download or to run in your browser, Call Manager visually enhances your audio meetings and provides complete control of scheduling, participant management and meeting security. This video will help you get started quickly with Call Manager's powerful capabilities.

It only takes a few minutes to download and install Call Manager.

From your welcome email, select "Download Call Manager," or open your web browser and go to You'll find user guides, system requirements, and an array of additional information to help you along the way. Just click the button that says, "Download Now," and follow the system prompts on your Mac or PC. To complete installation, enter your conference code, included in your welcome email, followed by your leader PIN or code if you already have a Reservationless-Plus account, and click install.

In a few seconds the installation will be complete. Windows will ask you to restart Outlook to enable the scheduling plugin. Users will see the Intercall Meeting Center icon in the task bar, bottom right corner. If you are using a Mac, you'll now see the Meeting Center icon in the top right corner menu bar. From here you can initiate scheduling, start enjoying meetings, change your settings or check for application updates.

Please note, some features such as Voice Over IP, desktop scheduling, and saved business card information, are only available with the installed version. However, you can always start enjoying meetings in your favorite browser for constant accessibility, or when unable to download Call Manager to your computer.

Choose the "I don't have an account" option if you plan to use Call Manager to simply join meetings, or want to delay installation until after joining a meeting through your favorite browser. You can always go to and download it at a later time.

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