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How to Join a Conference Call with MobileMeet

Whether you have an InterCall conferencing account to host meetings or you downloaded the app as an invited meeting participant, MobileMeet™ makes joining meetings from any location a seamless experience.


Whether you have an intercall conferencing account to host meetings or downloaded the app as a participant, MobileMeet makes joining meetings at any location a seamless experience. You can join any intercall meeting to which you were invited from MobileMeet's home screen by tapping the Join Meeting button. On the next screen, if you have saved the moderator's meeting profile to your favorites, tap the one you wish to join.

MobileMeet lets you save multiple meeting profiles for easier access to your frequently attended meetings. This is covered in "Adding Favorites." If you haven't saved the meeting moderator's profile as a favorite but have previously attended their meetings, tap the History tab and select the desired profile from the list.

If you haven't saved the profile as a favorite or don't have their profile on your history list, you can always add a new favorite by tapping the plus button on iPhone or add from the Options menu on an Android smartphone while in the Favorites section. After choosing the profile you would like to join, if Call Me is enabled, as recommended, you will see your default Call Me number.

In the event that you would like to choose a different number to receive the call, tap the Number tab and you can choose from a list of saved phone numbers or manually enter a new entry. Be sure to include the correct country code and a label for the new number as it will be saved for future use. If disabled, you will see a dial-in number. If you would like to change your dial in number, tap the dial-in number and choose a new one from the list. Press Join Meeting Now and you'll be connected to your desired meeting.

Additionally, you can use the Already Dialed In option to rejoin a meeting in progress if you have already manually joined by landline, desktop client or from outside MobileMeet. To do this, simply tap Join Meeting from the home screen, select the meeting profile to join, and on the following screen select the Already Dialed In option. Tap Connect Now and you'll be led to your meeting screen.

Lastly, you can join a meeting from the invite url included in the email or SMS invites sent by the meeting moderator. With just a few taps, you'll be able to join your meetings on the go. For further information or assistance, please visit