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VoiceMaxx vs. VoiceMaxx CE comparison

Comparison of VoiceMaxx and VoiceMaxx CE solutions for your business.


Hi, my name is Marcus Schmidt. I'm the Senior Director of Product Management at West IP, and welcome to Whiteboard Fridays.

All right, let's talk about our two main voice solutions that involve, actually, PBX-like functionality. One is VoiceMaxx, and then the other one is VoiceMaxx CE. The CE stands for Cisco Edition, and it's built on the Cisco hosted collaboration solution platform. So if we talk about VoiceMaxx, and then we talk about VoiceMaxx CE, what would be the reason why you would wanna go with one versus the other, right?

So VoiceMaxx, the key advantages there are that it's designed for smaller to mid-sized companies. It's easy to get started, basically. The other key advantage of VoiceMaxx is it allows easy remote connectivity, so it's better for remote users if you have folks that are working from home or people that are on the road going back and forth to different places. There's a lot of ease of connectivity for VoiceMaxx users in those remote phones. Another one is if you're domestic only. If you're only in the U.S., VoiceMaxx is a great solution for you, great place to get started.

Now, why would you then go with VoiceMaxx CE? Well, look at some of the converse of these, right. If you're mid-sized to larger, Voicemaxx CE is the key one. If you have remote users, but those remote users don't mind VPN-ing in, a more secure remote connection, VoiceMaxx CE today requires a VPN connection for those remote users. If you're international is another reason. VoiceMaxx CE is our solution for international customers. Again, not necessarily customers are going to start internationally, but maybe customers are domestic and have that need to expand internationally. The international front is one that we're continuing to work on and continuing to get legal and regulatory approval on, so you'd want to check with us to make sure that we cover your exact international needs. Another obvious thing is if you really like Cisco stuff, right. If you either have experience with on-premise Cisco environments or you have some staff that has that capability that's, obviously, because of the C in CE is Cisco, if you've got that experience or you've got that affinity for Cisco solutions, VoiceMaxx CE is probably the right solution for you.