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Engagement Center – Automating the Daily BP Collection Task

TEC for Hypertension is a suite of Engagement Center applications focused on bringing scale and capacity to coordinating the care of hypertensive patients. By automating blood pressure journaling, patients are in control of how they report their BP and Care Coordinators can more effectively manage larger populations of patients.


Denny: I know that keeping my blood pressure under control is important. I like taking my own blood pressure when it's convenient for me and then making a quick call into the care coordinator system to record my readings. I just make it a part of my daily routine, and the MyCareCoordinator system powered by West makes it really easy.

Coordinator: Hi, you've reached MyCareCoordinator. Please enter your patient ID to continue.

Welcome back, Denny. Press 1 to enter your blood pressure readings. Press 2 to talk with your nurse care coordinator.

Okay, please tell me your blood pressure reading.

Denny: It's 140 over 95.

Coordinator: Just to confirm, your blood pressure right now is 140 over 95. Is that right?

Denny: Yeah, that's right.

Coordinator: Thanks. Your blood pressure is acceptable today and your care plan is working. Continue with your prescribed diet and exercise plan, and call back with your readings tomorrow. Goodbye.