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Engagement Center – Connecting Patients With Their Care Team

Coordinated care holds tremendous promise for better clinical outcomes. Real-time connections between Patients, their Physicians and Care Coordinator is key to ensuring patients are empowered to make the best choices in support of their health and well being.


I used to be able to get away with skipping my exercise for the day or maybe not following my diet as closely as I should. I mean, who would know? Right? Well, Melinda, my nurse care coordinator, always knows. Last week when my blood pressure cuff sent my readings wirelessly, I guess they were too high. Within 20 minutes Melinda called. And when I saw my doctor today, he knew too. He said he got a text message from the My Care Coordinator system when my readings were high. Before they had the My Care Coordinator system, I got away with a lot more, but I'm healthier now and I'm happy about that.