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Engagement Center – Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring

Remote blood pressure monitoring makes it easier to manage hypertension and ensures better adherence to care plans. Information is available in real time so Patients and their Care Coordinators and Physicians can better team to manage toward a path of a happier, healthier life.


Having high blood pressure is a hassle, and I don't like to think too much about it. So I was thrilled when Melinda, my nurse care coordinator, said I could use this special blood pressure cuff that sends my readings wirelessly. They call it "Machine to Machine". I call it "A Life Saver".

This morning, I took my blood pressure with this cuff and a few seconds later, I received a text message from the My Care Coordinator System letting me know my blood pressure was okay and to keep doing what I'm doing with my diet and exercise. I love the convenience but also the peace of mind that Melinda is there when I need her.