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Engagement Center – When Patients Forget to Report Blood Pressure

Patients who forget to report their blood pressure no longer fall through the cracks. The West Engagement Center blood pressure journaling application proactively reaches out to collect their blood pressure and if BP is too high, the Patient is automatically connected to the Care Coordinator, who knows everything they need to in order to help.


Coordinator: Life happens and sometimes Denny forgets to call in with his blood pressure readings. Before we had the My Care Coordinator system powered by West, patients like Denny could fall through the cracks. Not anymore. When Denny forgets to call, the My Care Coordinator system calls him.

Denny: Hello?

Coordinator: Hi, this is My Care Coordinator calling for Denny. Please enter your patient ID to continue.

Hi, Denny. I am calling to collect the blood pressure readings for today. Press one when you're ready to record your readings, or if you prefer to call us back within the hour to record your readings, press two. To speak with your Nurse Care Coordinator, press three.

Okay. Please enter your systolic reading. Now enter your diastolic reading.

Just to confirm your blood pressure right now is 161/101. Is that right?

Denny: Yeah.

Coordinator: Thanks. Based on the reading you provided, I'd like to have you speak with your Nurse Care Coordinator. Please stay on the line.

Melinda: Hi Denny, it's Melinda. I see your blood pressure is 161/101. Can you tell me about your exercise today, and how your medication's working?

Denny: Hi Melinda. Yeah, I did my 30 minutes of exercise this morning and I walked around...