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The Art of the Possible: Engaging the Retail Pharmacy Consumer

See the “the art of the possible” when it comes to engaging and activating retail pharmacy consumers toward better health outcomes and learn strategies for improving star ratings, maximizing reimbursements and building deeper, more profitable consumer relationships.


Instructor: Hi, welcome to West. We are glad you are here. In the next few minutes, you are going to see how 25 years of consumer engagement experience and hundreds of millions of dollars in technology investment is leveraged to boost loyalty, drive greater share of wallet, and most importantly, activate and engage pharmacy consumers toward better health outcomes, and it starts with Julie.

Julie: Dr. Davis said he would send my Metformin prescription electronically so I wouldn't have to worry. Shortly after my visit with Dr. Davis, the pharmacy called me at home.

Male 1: Hello, this is a call from Ledworth Pharmacy. Is this Julie?

Julie: Yes, it is.

Male 1: For verification purposes, please tell me your date of birth.

Julie: October 17, 1952.

Male 1: Thanks. We recently received a prescription from Dr. Doug Davis, and your prescription will be ready for pickup on Monday, August 31st. From now on, we can send reminders via text message when your prescriptions are ready for pickup. Would you like to receive text messages?

Julie: Sure.

Male 1: Okay. Please say or enter the mobile phone number where you'd like to receive text messages.

Julie: It's 555-631-1212.

Male 1: Thanks. You are now enrolled to receive text reminders.

Julie: I really like the convenience of getting a text message when my prescriptions are ready. Between Jen, myself and Buster, I have a lot of prescriptions to keep track of. So getting text reminders from the pharmacy really helps me stay on top of it all. I noticed in a recent text that Ledworth has a mobile application too and I can get 10% off just by downloading it. That night, I needed to grab a few things, so I stopped by Ledworth.

While I was there, I also picked up my Metformin prescription. After I left the store, I received an alert from my Ledworth mobile app. It was a 25% coupon for flea and tick medicine for Buster. As we walked into the store, I noticed a message from my mobile app letting me know I could get a flu shot right now at the in-store clinic. I popped by the Ledworth clinic and scheduled an appointment for both Jen and I to get flu shots after our trip.

As we headed out of town on our road trip, I noticed an incoming message from Ledworth mobile app. It was an article from their diabetic care center called "What you need to know about eating and diabetes." It was a good article. It's hard to eat right when you are on vacation, even if you are not a diabetic. After we got back from our trip, time really got away from us. I know Ledworth has been trying to reach me via text and even through my mobile application about my medicine, but I never called them to refill my prescription. Finally, I got a call from Sue, my pharmacist.

Sue: Hello, this is a call from your Ledworth Pharmacy. Is this Julie?

Julie: Yes, it is.

Sue: For verification purposes, please tell me your date of birth.

Julie: October 17, 1952.

Sue: This is Sue from Ledworth Pharmacy. I'm calling to ask you about a recent prescription that hasn't been refilled. Do you have a few minutes?

Julie: Yes.

Sue: I'd like to find out why you weren't able to refill your prescription. You can say things like, "I haven't had time, it costs too much, or I'm having side effects."

Julie: I get an upset stomach when I take it.

Sue: Okay, thanks. I have some information for you. Taking medications as prescribed by your doctor is important and it's vital that you speak with your pharmacist or doctor before stopping or making any changes to your medications. Good afternoon. Ledworth Pharmacy. This is Sue.

Julie: Hi Sue, this is Julie Chu. [SP]

Sue: Thanks. I see from the automated system that you are having trouble with your Metformin.

Instructor: With 25-plus years of experience, we know that effective consumer engagement is achieved by balancing consumer action with cost. Today, we share the art of the possible when it comes to activating and engaging your consumers toward better health outcomes, improving star ratings to maximize reimbursements, and building deeper, more profitable relationships. We demonstrated strategies for moving engagement to lower-cost channels.

For example, how we use IVR to drive SMS adoption, and in turn, how we use SMS to drive adoption of mobile. We highlighted the seamless interplay between those multichannel communications, which can only happen through experience in tracking and thoughtfully optimizing factors, such as time of outreach, frequency, and cadence of communications to maximize consumer activation and avoid fatigue.

We showed how robust behind-the-scenes analytics combined with pharmacy know-how is used to drive adherence and thoughtful and compliant ways. For example, when we proactively reached out to Julie upon receiving an electronic prescription, which we know to be at higher risk for abandonment and then escalating a medication adherence outreach after some attempts to remind her of a pending refill, both having a direct impact to star ratings. And finally, we illustrated ways to deepen pharmacy relationships with consumers like Julie by connecting her with the pharmacy before things got out of hand with her medication and providing her with meaningful and relevant education about how to manage her condition.