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Conventional thinking will not drive business growth. No ordinary PBX will deliver the accessibility, mobility and productivity tools that an enterprise needs to thrive. VoiceMaxx allows an enterprise to transform and shape their use of communications technology with a suite of cloud–based, on–demand services including full PBX functionality, advanced enterprise and personal call management tools, and leading edge Unified Communications features.

Maxxis Application-Aware Network

A typical corporate network, built piecemeal over a number of years, can hold back the deployment of applications and services that drive business growth. It’s time for Maxxis, an application aware network solution optimized for the delivery of real–time communications, centralized applications and cloud–based services across the enterprise. Forget next–generation, this is now.

InterCall Unified Meeting 5 Overview

Complete meeting management.

InterCall – Mobilizing Your Mobile Workforce

How mobile technology strengthens employee performance, partner relationships and customer growth.

InterCall MobileMeet Overview

A clever app for your smart device.

Intercall Virtual Environments

Reach your target audiences with you content in a fully branded, immersive and engaging experience that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, 24/365.

Network Operations Center

West’s Network Operations Center is a world-class facility from which all aspects of your customer contact solutions are monitored and controlled.

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