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No other connection is more essential than the one that can save a life. At West, we deliver technology solutions and services that provide the critical link between the public and public safety.

While nearly everyone outside of the public safety sphere takes 9-1-1 for granted, we never will. After all, we’re all consumers as well as suppliers of this most critical of services. We see your subscribers, employees and end users as you see them. As ordinary citizens, just like us, who might one day find themselves in need of emergency assistance from the experts—the first responders—who can help.

Everything that happens after a 9-1-1 call is placed–the call routing and delivery, location determination, data management and situational data–that’s us. It’s essential that we execute flawlessly because every call must get through and seconds save lives. For us, it’s personal.

The committed, passionate professionals who make up the West Safety Services team spend every day anticipating, developing, maintaining and improving 9-1-1 and emergency communications. While we appreciate the evolving ideas and technology innovations that make our lives more convenient, we focus on the ones that make us all safer.

No technology will ever completely eradicate the need for 9-1-1 and emergency assistance. But working together, we can dramatically improve the odds and outcomes for all of us.


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Safety Services
Everyday Heroes: What West Knows About Public Safety Telecommunicators

By Lonna Cain

All across the country, everyday heroes – Public Safety Telecommunicators – help save lives.

They live it – they breathe it – they feel it. They are dedicated, tenacious and strong. They exhaust their hearts answering the needs of desperate 9-1-1 callers. They make sacrifices only they understand for the benefit of those they will never know. They are the voice of reason for those trapped in the chaos of the moment.

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Safety Services
APCO 2017

08/13/2017 - 08/16/2017 @ - APCO International is celebrating its 83rd Annual Conference & Expo in Denver, CO

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Safety Services
Power Locate Data Sheet

Power Locate helps call takers identify the location of dropped, abandoned or misrouted calls.

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