Alarm & Security

Alarm & Security


Wednesday night, 10:32 p.m. A signal from the Agnew residence at 1107 E. Rochester Street drops to your monitoring center, indicating a break-in. The address is in a new subdivision, and it’s unclear which authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) should take the call.

It’s a common occurrence. Jurisdictional boundaries are constantly in flux, and maintaining a pristine database is a labor-intensive, painstaking and costly process for most organizations.

Having access to the most accurate contact information for police, fire, medical and PERS—all in real time—is key to delivering best-in-class customer support. The right data can speed response times, increasing your subscribers’ confidence in your service. Verified AHJ contact information optimizes the prioritization of call routing and creates efficiency within your organization.

ERL is a fully-managed, automated platform with meticulously researched and managed AHJ contact data derived from the most current jurisdictional boundaries.

By using location intelligence, ERL links your alarm subscriber’s address to the appropriate AHJ. Our automated system is built from high-quality contact data that has been thoroughly audited and verified so that you can route every alarm to the appropriate AHJ with speed and confidence.

ERL can help you:

  • Increase customer retention
  • Accelerate alarm response times
  • Eliminate costs of maintaining an in-house solution
  • Reduce fines from false dispatches
  • Improve monitoring center productivity, efficiency and ROI
  • Create positive AHJ relationships
  • Prevent negative publicity and word-of-mouth

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