Serving the needs of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), West Safety Services offers a variety of resources to coordinate intricate procedures, to stay current with multiple addressing authorities, to validate address accuracy and to constantly correct address errors as they are identified.

CLEC Data Management Services (DMS)

Offering the assurance that the data maintained meets strict accuracy requirements, DMS encompasses address and location management, service order processing and delivery to all applicable ALI providers. Three levels of service are offered including Basic, Standard and Advanced. CLEC DMS is a core Wireline service that supports the largest CLECs and cable multiple system Operators (MSOs) in the nation.

9-1-1 NET®

9-1-1 NET provides CLECs secure, web-based access to Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) and telephone number (TN) data stored within our databases. This service allows users to report, request and track changes electronically. User-friendly 9-1-1 NET saves time and reduces errors in maintaining MSAG data. Cumbersome manual procedures are eliminated yet all actions taken are available for tracking in audit records.


Our browser-based Private Switch Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI) product allows PBX or Centrex end users to create, update and delete subscriber records from their database. Utilizing the application and/or a batch data file, Private Switch Providers (PSPs) may enter location information for each station, providing responding agencies to quickly determine the building, floor, office or room from which a 9-1-1 call is placed.Users achieve improved location data granularity and accuracy for ALI records improves emergency response while reducing liability exposure.

Reporting and Analysis

Online reporting and analysis environment provides telematics customers with the tools they need to evaluate vast quantities of 9-1-1 data and make faster, smarter decisions. Delivering the highest quality and most comprehensive public safety data via standard and custom reports, users are able to analyze any and all data at any level of aggregation and across any preferred timeframe.

V9-1-1® for CLECs

West’s VoIP solution for CLECs helps you meet regional PSAP requirements for 9-1-1 connectivity, regardless of where your subscribers are located. Leveraging West’s nationwide footprint, you’ll connect your subscribers to 9-1-1, receive higher call delivery rates and reduce the administrative headaches created by call failures. You can broaden your subscriber services to include mobile, nomadic and outside-of-rate center offerings. Learn More

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