Our Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) customers achieve the highest levels of address data accuracy and the ability to access online data management tools to gain operational insights with “public safety grade” 9-1-1 ILEC solutions. We offer simplified subscriber provisioning and flexible network access for call routing and delivery built upon a foundation of proven and reliable 9-1-1 data management services.

A9-1-1® Location Data Management Services

A9-1-1® LDM services provide a full set of tools that help you manage and respond to 9-1-1 incidents within your jurisdiction. Notifications, supplemental data and reporting options make it simple for ILECs to deliver vital information that helps save lives.

  • A9-1-1® Routing: Advanced 9-1-1 Routing offers faster and more reliable 9-1-1 call set up along with a number of routing capabilities such as overflow routing, diversion routing, special event routing and queue control.
  • A9-1-1® Phase II Routing: Transferring calls takes time and ties up valuable PSAP resources. Where cell towers and cell sectors overlap in jurisdictions, A9-1-1 Phase II Routing uses unique PSAP configurations to route wireless calls to the appropriate PSAP using the location of the caller
  • GIS Location Validation: Using Advanced 9-1-1 (A9-1-1®) GIS Location Validation, your PSAP can take a large step towards NENA i3 functionality; starting by leaving your legacy tabular MSAG behind and converting to GIS based validation.
  • A9-1-1® i3 Core/Plus Package: The Advanced 9-1-1 (A9-1-1®) product suite offers a flexible architecture that includes NENA i3 compliant Next Generation 9-1-1 (NextGen 9-1-1) solutions for call delivery to your PSAPs.
  • A9-1-1® i3 ECRF: As part of the Advanced 9-1-1 (A9-1-1®) i3 Routing packages, the A9-1-1 Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF) offers complete NENA i3capabilities.
  • A9-1-1® i3 GIS Based LDM
  • MSAG Maintenance: ALI Data Management service includes the ability to maintain MSAG data for use in address validation, ensuring that subscriber information meets MSAG standards.
  • Service Order Processing: Timely Service Order Interface (SOI) processing ensures that current and accurate subscriber information is readily available for Public Safety emergency response.
  • Online Data Management Tools: View subscriber Telephone Number information, view the status of ANI/ALI Discrepancy reports, query MSAG data, and communicate with PSAPs and Data Analysts with Intrado’s industry-leading 9-1-1 NET service.
  • PSAP Policy Manager: This enables a PSAP manager to subscribe to various services on-line. The PSAP Policy Manager is designed to run on a standard PC or workstation from within an Internet Explorer browser.
  • Reporting: Clear View reporting suite provides a variety of pre-defined and ad-hoc reporting capabilities. Record counts, error correction statistics, and MSAG data are all available, and provide operational insights to help you manage your business more effectively.

9-1-1 NET®

9-1-1 NET provides both ILECs and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and their customers with secure web-based access to Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) and telephone number (TN) data stored within West’s databases. This service allows users to report, request and track changes electronically. User-friendly 9-1-1 NET saves time and reduces errors in maintaining MSAG data. Cumbersome manual procedures are eliminated yet all actions taken are available for tracking in audit records.


The West browser-based Private Switch Automatic Location Identification (PS/ALI) product allows PBX or Centrex end users to create, update and delete subscriber records from their database. Utilizing a browser-based application and/or a batch data file, Private Switch Providers (PSPs) may enter location information for each station, providing responding agencies to quickly determine the building, floor, office or room from which a 9-1-1 call is placed.

Call Handling Suite

Our purpose-built solutions offer a fully-integrated suite of call handling equipment and services, spanning the entire workflow of public safety – from E9-1-1 emergency response and command and control to digital justice and corrections. Learn More


Save lives with the premiere text-to-9-1-1 solution – first to market, best in class. Learn More


MapSAG is the leading 9-1-1 GIS data management system for the 9-1-1 industry, providing a visually intuitive framework for analyzing, understanding, and synchronizing both tabular 9-1-1 data and layered, map-based GIS information. Learn More


You care about your citizens. Providing the best and most efficient emergency response to your community is your highest concern. Learn More

Hosted Location Data Management (LDM)

ILECs, CLECs, PSAPs local agencies choose Hosted LDM for comprehensive data management. Features include on-demand “drill down” querying capabilities, near real-time error correction and ad-hoc customized reporting. We provide complete project management – start to finish – 24/7 E9-1-1 system monitoring, ALI subscriber and MSAG management tools. Highly available, geographically diverse ALI-managed database systems provide redundancy.

Reporting and Analysis

ILECs can evaluate vast quantities of 9-1-1 data for faster, smarter decisions using our online reporting and analysis environment. Delivering the highest quality and most comprehensive public safety data via standard and custom reports, PSAPs can analyze any and all data at any level of aggregation and across any preferred timeframe.

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