At West, we design public safety solutions for wireless carriers for one simple reason: to save and protect lives. We support that essential connection between your customers in distress and the public safety professionals and first responders who can help.

At West, we understand FCC regulations are important and exist for a reason, but they’ll never drive our innovations. Only people with ideas and passion can do that. Phrases like “robust technology” and “network reliability” aren’t buzzwords to us—they’re the drivers behind every solution and service we deliver because, in an emergency, every call must get through, enhanced situational data must be delivered and every second counts.

Working with West means you’ve engaged with a strategic partner who cares about protecting your customers as much as you do. If our solutions also make it possible to optimize and protect your network or help you gain and retain more subscribers, those are simply added benefits.

Whether you have 500,000 subscribers or 500,000,000, we can help you keep them safe. You focus on your core business. We’ll take care of 9-1-1.

Solutions & Products

Accuracy Compliance Testing

Tap into a simple and cost-effective solution to ensure FCC location accuracy compliance. Learn More

E9-1-1 Services

Our E9-1-1 services ensure reliable call-routing and location determination. Regardless of device or location, our industry-leading technologies route each 9-1-1 call quickly and accurately so your customers can get the help they need where they need it. Learn More

Emergency Assist®

Every second counts when a life is on the line and emergency personnel need your help to find someone. But how do you locate someone who doesn’t answer their wireless phone in time to make a difference? Emergency Assist® can help!

Location Performance Management

In the wireless world, location is everything. Without it, you can’t comply with FCC regulations, let alone meet your subscribers’ service level expectations. Learn More


What began as a ground-breaking solution for the deaf and hearing-impaired community has rapidly evolved into a practical and often only alternative to a voice call. Our TXT29-1-1 solution leads the industry for reliability and performance. Learn More

Wireless Dispatchable Location Services

West has been an active participant in the critical dialogue between the FCC, public safety agencies and wireless carriers around indoor location. Our emerging solutions will improve indoor location accuracy and deliver a physical address to PSAPs for mobile 9-1-1 calls. Learn More

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