E9-1-1 Services


Our E9-1-1 services ensure reliable call-routing and location determination. Our experts design our technologies and platforms to ensure future compatibility with each new generation of cellular technology.

Regardless of device or location, our industry-leading technologies route each 9-1-1 call quickly and accurately so your customers can get the help they need where they need it. Our location services can help you pinpoint mobile devices in emergency situations, transmitting those results to the nearest PSAP.

West E91-1-1 services feature:

  • Switch integration
  • Data gathering
  • 9-1-1 database provisioning
  • Database monitoring and maintenance
  • Public safety answering point boundary creation
  • Mapping

E9-1-1 Location Services – GSM/UMTS(Hosted MLC)

The West Hosted Mobile Location Center (MLC) provides GSM and UMTS carriers an effective way to implement Phase II location services to meet your wireless E9-1-1 compliance obligations.

E9-1-1 Phase I and II

Offering comprehensive services, vertical expertise and a technically advanced network, West helps carriers reduce the time, cost and effort associated with integrating systems into a dedicated wireline 9-1-1 network infrastructures.

E9-1-1 Services for 4G Networks

E9-1-1 Services for 4G Networks enables wireless carriers to meet FCC mandated obligations, and satisfy user needs, with a cost-effective solution based on proven technology.

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