Location Performance Management

Location Performance Management

Identify. Optimize. Report. Comply.

West’s Location Performance Management (LPM) is a robust suite of location tracking tools and dashboards for non-nationwide wireless carriers. LPM compiles and aggregates complex data sets to help you proactively manage and report on location accuracy and comply with FCC regulations.

LPM arms you with key insights to help you manage emergency 9-1-1 call locations—and identify areas for improvement.

LPM’s easy-to-navigate Performance Monitoring Tool helps you:

  • Pinpoint location performance issues to meet subscriber Service Level Agreeements (SLAs)
  • Optimize network functionality to certify and trust location performance
  • Perform proactive risk management of position determination issues
  • Audit KPIs, call results, and location server performance
  • Provide drill-down analysis of finder pages, mapping engine and record retrieval

With LPMs intuitive Accuracy Analysis Reporting, you can:

  • Report compliance with the FCC’s location accuracy rules
  • Generate visual, data-rich, customizable reports
  • Gain insights into drive testing results
  • Measure baseline accuracy results in test areas
  • Resolve position determination discrepancies

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