At Intrado, we design E911 solutions for wireless carriers for one simple reason: to save and protect lives. We support that essential connection between your subscribers and the public safety agencies and first responders who can help them in an emergency.

Working with Intrado means you’re engaged with a strategic partner who cares about protecting your customers as much as you do. If our wireless E911 solutions also make it possible to optimize your network or help you gain and retain more subscribers, those are simply added benefits.

Whether you have 500,000 subscribers or 500,000,000, we can help you keep them safe through our wireless 911 solutions.

You focus on your core wireless business. We’ll take care of 911.

Solutions & Products

Accuracy Compliance Testing

Accuracy Compliance Testing (ACT) simplifies wireless 911 location testing, helping carriers to measure and report on Phase II accuracy and perform base station almanac updates. Wireless carriers can demonstrate compliance with the FCC’s E911 regulatory requirements while minimizing strain on already taxed network resources.

In addition to meeting 911 FCC location accuracy requirements, you can:

  • Test existing PSAP or county locations
  • Ensure FCC compliance and reporting
  • Measure accuracy drive testing
  • Perform BSA optimization and maintenance

E9-1-1 Services

Our E911 services ensure reliable call routing and location determination for all 911 calls including Phase I/II, VoLTE and VoWiFi. Regardless of device or location, our industry-leading technologies route each 911 call quickly and accurately so your customers can get the help they need, where they need it. Learn More

Emergency Assist®

Emergency Assist helps you quickly determine the location of a subscriber’s mobile device–whether it is in idle mode or active use. This automated E911 solution for wireless carriers significantly simplifies the location request process, allowing emergency responders to rapidly react when your wireless subscriber can’t be reached through their cell phone.

Location Performance Management

Intrado’s Location Performance Management (LPM) is a robust suite of location tracking tools and dashboards for wireless carriers. LPM compiles and aggregates complex data sets to help you proactively manage and report on location accuracy, while complying with the FCC’s wireless E911 location regulations.

LPM arms you with key insights to help you manage 911 caller location—and identify areas for improvement:

  • Pinpoint location performance issues to meet subscriber Service Level Agreeements (SLAs)
  • Optimize network functionality to certify and trust location performance
  • Perform proactive risk management of position determination issues
  • Gain insights into drive testing results
  • Report compliance with the FCC’s Fourth Report and Order location accuracy rules
  • Audit KPIs, call results, and location server performance
  • Measure baseline accuracy results in test areas
  • Resolve position determination discrepancies


What began as a groundbreaking 911 solution for the deaf and hard of hearing community has rapidly evolved into a practical emergency alternative to an emergency voice call. Since Intrado successfully tested the nation’s first 911 text message back in 2009, our TXT29-1-1® solution has led the industry for reliability and performance.

With the Intrado TXT29-1-1® solution, your subscribers can rely on 911 text messaging support in jurisdictions with Next Generation 911-enabled PSAPs. TXT29-1-1 for wireless carriers:

  • Requires no costly infrastructure and technology upgrades
  • Leverages existing SMS infrastructure to deliver real-time 911 text messaging
  • Uses caller location to route to the nearest PSAP
  • Delivers high-availability performance
  • Is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G technologies

Wireless 911 Location

Wireless Dispatchable Location Services (WDLS) is a suite of public safety-grade solutions that, bundled together, route 911 calls more accurately and deliver the subscriber’s location data to the nearest public safety agency in less time. Learn More