Wireless 911 Location

Wireless 911 Location


Intrado’s approach to wireless 911 caller location is to develop multiple technologies while working within the existing public safety infrastructure. Wireless Dispatchable Location Services (WDLS) is a suite of wireless 911 location solutions. Bundled together, these technologies route emergency calls more accurately and deliver the subscriber’s location data to the nearest public safety agency. As a result, WDLS can shave valuable seconds off a typical 911 call.

At Intrado, our focus is simple. We believe it’s essential to deliver a dispatchable location—not just an X/Y coordinate—for virtually every 911 call. Meeting this standard will ensure that responding agencies can quickly deploy critical services to the public in less time. Our emerging solutions will improve wireless 911 location accuracy and deliver a physical address to PSAPs for mobile 911 calls.

Instead of relying on a single technology, we create comprehensive wireless 911 location solution tailored to provide the best data for public safety while meeting the needs of our each of our carrier customers. These services make it possible for carriers to meet the mandates detailed in the FCC’s Fourth Report and Order.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimates that over 70% of all 911 calls now originate from mobile devices. In addition, industry organizations project that at least half are placed indoors. According to Intrado testing, current technologies provide an incorrect address in roughly 15% of all wireless 911 calls. With WDLS, you can cost-effectively protect your subscribers by getting their call to the right PSAP in less time.

To learn more about our wireless 911 location solution, WDLS, download our data sheet.