Solutions for Telematics and Call Centers

Solutions for Telematics and Call Centers

PSAP AgentIf you are running a health insurance or telematics call center, you know that emergencies happen quickly and a rapid response is essential. Provide better service to your members and subscribers and help to keep them safer with 911 Enable ® PSAP Link.

An easy-to-use service for call centers, PSAP Link allows agents to automatically transfer member emergency calls and real-time location information to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in crisis situations. Rather than instructing the caller to hang up and dial 9-1-1, you can connect them to the right PSAP even if they’re located in another county or across the country from your call center.

When your members or subscribers are in distress, they depend on you to get them the help they need; get them that help, faster, with PSAP Link.

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