9-1-1 of ThingsSM: IoT/M2M Technologies that are Changing How Public Safety Responds

At West, we’re always exploring how new technologies can improve outcomes for the public during an emergency. The explosive rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has generated new opportunities and innovations that tap into the vast amounts of environmental, situational, and contextual data from smart devices like sensors, camera, wearable and GPS. Where West excels is in organizing and assessing all of these disparate data sources in a way that helps public safety agencies respond most effectively to an emergency.

During a critical incident, first responders and civic agencies don’t need a data deluge. They need data-driven insights to help them assess and contain a situation. West is leveraging our situational awareness capabilities and applying that expertise across a variety of verticals including transportation, chemical/industrial and the enterprise. Using analytics, we can apply carefully constructed decisioning rules to route the right information to the right place quickly and accurately.

By partnering with West through our IoT/M2M technologies, you’re tapping into more than 35 years of public safety experience matched with a technology innovator. And we’re just getting started.

Gartner estimates 20.8 billion “connected things” by 2020

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Emergency Aware Services

Emergency Aware Services is our ground breaking platform that applies complex algorithms and analytics to vast amounts of data from IoT (Internet of Things) objects, transforming it into actionable insights that public safety can use to respond better and faster when disaster strikes.

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