West Safety Services Patents Innovative M2M Technology

West Safety Services Patents Innovative M2M Technology

West Safety Services has been awarded a United States patent for “A system and method for monitoring sensors belonging to multiple organizations, detecting an emergency condition based on sensor information, associating a location with the detected emergency condition and then sending an emergency condition report to an authorized recipient.” The invention’s goals are to reduce the silo effect formed from the lack of communication between proprietary or isolated sensor networks and emergency responders in addition to recognizing emergency conditions through sensor thresholds and reporting to the appropriate authority relevant information regarding those conditions.

The patent’s structure allows Emergency Aware Services and other West Safety Services products to leverage large-scale interoperability between data sets, providing a greater understanding of emergency situations, before, during and after the events occur.

“We’re excited to bring this technology to the public safety field.” said Kevin Coyne, Vice President of Core Systems Engineering at West Safety Services and one of the patent’s authors, “It has the potential to drastically improve response strategies when dealing with all kinds of emergency situations.”

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