Save your PSAP valuable time, resources and real estate with advanced, sustainable customer premise equipment (CPE). Our purpose-built solutions offer a fully-integrated suite of Call Handling equipment providing exceptional call handling capabilities and greater control over hardware life cycles.

West’s Safety Services provides PSAPs with mission-critical 9-1-1 call handling equipment and services, including:

  • Public Safety Call Handling solutions with integrated intelligent workstation hardware and software
  • GIS capabilities with real-time mapping and data maintenance
  • NG9-1-1 data mining and analytics
  • Continuity of Operations services


VIPER, the industry’s longest operating, most dependable, versatile and complete end-to-end call handling system, ensures that emergency telecommunicators are in total control of landline, wireless and VoIP 9-1-1 calls. Available in a multi-node architecture, VIPER provides the most advanced geo-diverse and redundant call processing system on the market.

Citizens in your community expect to be able to text for help, send images/video and most important of all – they expect that you will be able to find them when they call from a mobile device. VIPER ® establishes the foundation for i3 compliant, NG 9-1-1 data applications, and still supports your legacy network and operations environment.

West has deployed over 1800 VIPER systems, serving more than 11,000 positions across five continents. VIPER can be deployed in a variety of local, host and remote configurations. Our SIP-compliant soft switch enables the ability to send and receive NG 9-1-1 services such as TXT29-1-1® and other i3 compliant data.

Depend on VIPER for enhanced call-taking efficiencies, high availability, automatic call distribution and remote deployment capabilities. Utilizing Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to deliver NG emergency call-handling services, VIPER is easier to install, configure and maintain than traditional 9-1-1 call-handling systems, creating greater cost savings and operational flexibility.

  • Flexible and feature rich. Purpose-built from the ground up to specifically serve PSAP call-handling needs, VIPER provides integrated automatic call distribution (ACD) and interfaces with third-party PBX telephony systems.
  • Reliable and redundant. VIPER provides better disaster recovery through a versatile and fault-tolerant, IP-based platform that can alternate call routing during disaster situations and/ or periods of high call volume.
  • Cost effective and efficient. By choosing one provider for all your call handling needs, you reduce risk while you increase your return on investment. You get an IP-based platform that streamlines both voice and data calls and provides a pathway to i3 compliant, NG 9-1-1 data services with a minimal amount of backroom equipment.


Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) save valuable time, resources and real estate with A9-1-1 Connect. The next great advancement in workstation efficiency, A9-1-1 Connect effortlessly converges audio and data components at each operator position into a single, purpose-built appliance. Easy to deploy, monitor and manage with physical versatility and independent diagnostics, A9-1-1 Connect provides exceptional call handling capabilities and greater control over hardware life cycles.

POWER 911®

PSAPs realize full control with Power 911. This intelligent workstation provides on-screen command of both landline and wireless 9-1-1 calls in a variety of telephony environments. Scalable to meet the operational needs of any PSAP, Power 911 offers a self-healing, fully integrated, end-to-end solution.


Power ECaTS from West is an enterprise level 9-1-1 reporting solution. The industry’s only vendor-independent universal 9-1-1 callr eporting system, Power ECaTS seamlessly reports on all aspects of multiple PSAP operations within an entire county, jurisdiction or state, from one web-based location, regardless of the hardware manufacturer.


Power MIS provides manageable and actionable incident information for operational training and auditing that drives PSAP performance. With Power MIS, PSAP managers can capture detailed incident information needed to support the decision-making process, beginning with the 9-1-1 call intake through the very second that an incident is resolved within CAD.


Power LVR gives PSAPs the ability to confidently capture, correlate and store all 9-1-1 trunk, administrative, workstation and radio audio transmissions associated with a specific incident. Scalable to meet the needs of any PSAP, Power LVR interfaces with both radio network infrastructure and telephone systems to accurately record voice communications for immediate replay, evidentiary purposes and training.


PowerOps™ is a visual data analysis tool primarily used by PSAP supervisors to monitor, call, position, and queue activity. Providing a quick view of the operations floor performance through a visual representation of statistics to optimize ring group activity, PowerOps features a highly customizable display through a set of user-friendly tools.

Power Station

Good just got better! The ultimate call handling black box – Power Station by West – delivers the full VIPER® / Power 911® experience in a much smaller space. PSAPs can optimize resources, simplify processes and realize greater affordability with this newly configured, feature-rich, i3-compliant appliance. Learn More.

Educational Services

West Safety Services offers training and education on Call-Handling Products and Solutions.  Learn More.

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