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One thing to remember as you embark upon the journey to NG9-1-1, it won’t happen immediately! Migrating to a nationwide internet protocol (IP)-based emergency communications system is a daunting task and it won’t happen the same way in every situation. You can structure your migration in a phased approach and in a distinct sequence depending on your PSAP’s individual needs and financial landscape.

Unlike legacy architecture, NG9-1-1 will never stop evolving. In fact, this inherent flexibility is one of it’s greatest characteristics, allowing public safety agencies to structure an internal architecture suited to specific requirements, demographics, geography and stakeholders.

Where to start? There are four entry points that could effectively help you get started – initiating IP capabilities, establishing GIS, introducing enhanced NG data or implementing an emergency services IP network (ESInet).

This guide to explains the importance of IP-enablement, what it can accomplish and how it can be achieved. You’ll learn how PSAP operations and systems will be affected throughout the process, as well as some fundamental considerations as you develop your initiation strategy.

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