Power Station

Good just got better! The ultimate call handling black box – Power Station by West – delivers the full VIPER® / Power 911® experience in a much smaller space. PSAPs can optimize resources, simplify processes and realize greater affordability with this newly configured, feature-rich, i3-compliant appliance.

Affordable all-in-one call handling “Black Box” saves time, money and effort.

Power Station’s innovative hardware configuration eliminates big iron in the backroom. The newly extended chassis accepts new, longer C-Blade cards, replacing traditional backroom servers. Redundantly powered C-Blade cards are servers that run backroom applications for systems with up to 30 positions. A card extender allows for existing A9C plug-in cards.

Easy to deploy, monitor and manage, Power Station provides exceptional call handling capabilities and greater control over hardware life cycles. Ideally suited to single or multiple PSAPs, mobile applications and backup centers, Power Station provides all the position interfaces a PSAP needs. Power Station effortlessly converges audio and data components at each operator position into one small-footprint, purpose-built appliance.

Power Station Delivers Choice

  • Unique modular design “grows” with the evolving needs of the PSAP to accommodate hot swappable modules; options include second video port for dual screens and C-blade servers.

Power Station Delivers Ease

  • No moving parts – fans or mechanical drives – means less heat and noise generated; standard interfaces include LCD display, keyboard, mouse, headset, headset-sharing with radio, and analog recording.

Power Station Delivers Freedom

  • Easy to install and maintain, eliminates traditional PCs, bolted additions and life cycle overhead. Small size (8.5” width x 15” depth x 3.5” height) allows deployment in a wide range of environments – on or under a desk, or even in a vehicle as Power Station is unaffected by vibration.

West Corporation