TXT29-1-1® Solutions

TXT29-1-1® Solutions


Texting to 9-1-1 is a reality. West’s TXT29-1-1 was fully tested, tried and implemented long before FCC mandates required that carriers enable the support and routing of text-to-9-1-1 calls. We were there, ready to help PSAPS prepare their centers to accept and respond when citizens text their requests for emergency assistance. What began as a ground-breaking solution for the deaf and hearing-impaired community has rapidly evolved into a practical and often necessary alternative to a voice call.


Hundreds of PSAPs and Carriers across the U.S. have come to rely upon the robust technology of West’s TXT29-1-1® text messaging services. PSAPs can choose from three industry-standard delivery options from West to enable text messaging service with wireless subscribers. Available options including: SMS-to-TTY; Integrated TXT29-1-1® with a direct connection to the PSAP CPE; and Web browser which utilizes a URL with login and password.

TXT29-1-1 has been tested and tried and deployed in hundreds of PSAPs nationwide. With TXT29-1-1, PSAPs have the ability to transfer to any other PSAP without opening another browser or interfering with text calls.

TXT29-1-1 offers many advantages:

  • A highly-available and intuitive interface on the Web app or via VIPER interface
  • Simultaneous text sessions with simplified message queue management
  • Support for i3 ESInet and Internet network delivery
  • Ability to externally transfer text messages
  • Seamless migration between integrated and web version
  • Fully compatible with all wireless carriers and text service providers in a single stream with one interface for multiple carriers

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