Call flow continuum is impacted by a seemingly endless flood of information that needs to be detected, analyzed and acted upon in order to get the right information to the first responder at the right time.

The correlation of rich data relevant to the event can increase situational awareness, improve first responder safety and create valuable operational efficiencies. West’s Safety Services Division offers a sophisticated, cutting-edge set of PowerData tools for fast, easy access to contextually relevant information.

Available individually or in customized bundles to meet the evolving needs of the PSAP, our PowerData products and services prevent technical obsolescence of 9-1-1 operations while maintaining the integrity of the network.

Solutions & Products

Power Locate:

Call takers need quickly accessible, relevant and reliable location information to successfully identify individuals associated with dropped calls or texts. By referencing the caller’s location and phone number, Power Locate utilizes publicly available information sources to help Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) place targeted follow-up calls. By determining if there really IS an emergency to report, a call taker saves valuable time and will allocate critical resources only if needed. Power Locate helps call takers identify the location of dropped, abandoned or misrouted calls. Even the location of pranksters and unintentional “pocket dialers” can be queried.

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Power MMS:

The ability to send and receive multi-media messaging is built into nearly every camera phone. Public expectations assume that 9-1-1 centers have the ability to receive media. A picture or video can tell the story more reliably than an eyewitness. Power MMS makes it easy for citizens to send a picture or short video/audio message directly to the PSAP.

With Power MMS, call takers can request, review and view media files including photos, video clips and audio clips. The call taker may then send a pre-configured text to the caller with instructions for attaching and sending the file(s). Optimizing the flexible user interface of VIPER® and Power 911®, Power MMS integrates multi-media messaging into the 9-1-1 call flow.

Be prepared when your PSAP receives a video from an accident scene, a picture of a call involved in a hit and run, or a photo of the suspicious-looking person at the playground. Power MMS helps you arm your first responders with critical information before they arrive on-scene.

Additional benefits of Power MMS:

  • Relevant “on scene” information provides faster and more efficient emergency response
  • Integrated into Power 911®, Power MMS reduces PSAP costs, complexity and training time
  • Enables the community to provide more accurate information to PSAP as it is happening


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Tried and true, TXT29-1-1® offers flexibility to operate in any public safety environment. First to market, best in class, TXT29-1-1 accommodates PSAP needs with three state-of-the-art options. Choose SMS-to-TTY, Integrated TXT29-1-1 (direct to CPE), or Web application.  Learn More

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