Smart 911™

You care about your citizens. Providing the best and most efficient emergency response to your community is your highest concern. Smart911 from West helps 9-1-1 call takers make faster and better decisions, shortens response times, and helps save lives.

Smart911 provides 9-1-1 centers and response teams with knowledge through citizen-created and managed safety profiles for multilingual registration. These profiles can be used to speed up and improve 9-1-1 call taking, dispatch, emergency response and incident outcomes. With Smart911, citizens can associate addresses not only with landlines but also wireless and VoIP devices.

Safety profiles can detail medical conditions, allergies and disabilities providing vital details that help call takers and first responders understand why the person needing help may be uncommunicative or need an expedited EMS response. Fire crews are made aware of how many residents are typically in a home as well as the locations of the bedrooms. Smart911 provides Law Enforcement with instant access to photos to save critical time when searching for a missing child, or key details about a household in the event of a silent call.

Smart911 is easily deployed and maintained. PSAPs realize immediate return on investment with cost reductions due to improved operational efficiencies. Fully geo-redundant and secure, Smart911 quickly delivers rich, error-free content directly to the first responder in the field.

Additional Benefits:

  • Easily deployed and maintained, facilitating improved operational efficiencies, interoperability and case transfers
  • Immediate identification of important dispatching details such as the need for special equipment, a hidden driveway or known medical condition
  • Ability to re-bid the location of a mobile caller, even in dropped-call or call-back scenarios
  • Immediate return on investment by reducing liability and the cost of maintaining custom CAD fields and/or paper directories

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