TXT29-1-1® Solutions

TXT29-1-1® Solutions


Texting to 9-1-1 is a reality. West’s TXT29-1-1 was fully tested, tried and implemented long before FCC mandates required that carriers enable the support and routing of text-to-9-1-1 calls. We were there, ready to help PSAPS prepare their centers to accept and respond when citizens text their requests for emergency assistance. What began as a ground-breaking solution for the deaf and hearing-impaired community has rapidly evolved into a practical and often necessary alternative to a voice call.

 “Call when you can, text when you must” 

You want to be ready when the “must” message arrives. You want to be ready when a child texts 9-1-1 for help from the backseat of a drunk driver’s car or when domestic violence erupts and a voice call is impossible. Your PSAP can be equipped for times when a caller can’t stay on the line because a suicide seems imminent.

After hundreds of successful deployments, multiple vendor integrations and over 30 carriers on the West Text Control Center (TCC), PSAPs and Carriers can count on West for sustainable, ubiquitous text messaging systems and support. Built to accommodate secure, safe and reliable transmission of text messages to 9-1-1, TXT29-1-1 is available for both direct and integrated optimization. TXT29-1-1 is a one-stop solution, fully compatible with all wireless carriers and text service providers in a single stream with one interface for multiple carriers.

Our TXT29-1-1 service includes:

  • A highly-available and intuitive interface
  • The ability to integrate with your existing call-handling system or via a Web browser
  • Simultaneous text sessions with simplified message queue management
  • Support for i3 ESInet and Internet network delivery
  • Ability to externally transfer text messages

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