Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation


West’s Revenue Generation has a proven track record of helping business-to-business organizations meet or exceed revenue targets.  We help your sales organization drive productivity and overcome the challenges of account coverage, new business development, new market development, open territories and access to provide meaningful interactions with your prospects and accounts to grow your revenue.   We use sales models beyond traditional feet on the street to augment your go-to-market strategy to optimize results. Based on sustained sales results over decades and proven proprietary sales methodologies, our collaborative approach to sales strategy and execution helps you overcome a variety of complex sales challenges across multiple business segments.


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Our holistic approach utilizes a proprietary strategic mapping process that delivers business recommendations and advanced action plans so you can transcend conventional sales methods and grow revenue faster than the market.  We assist companies in identifying sales challenges, mapping strategy and structure while delivering meaningful innovation in sales productivity that drives incremental revenue and market share growth. As a result, we have a proven track record of helping business-to-business and business-to-professional organizations overcome market-driven sales challenges with expertise in high-value, more complex sales processes.

Verticals we serve are:
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Animal Health
  • Medical Services
  • GPO
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Hospitality
Consumer Goods (CPG)
  • Grocery
  • Drug
  • Convenience
  • Distribution

West’s Revenue Generation Service provides outsourced B2B sales solutions that can help you overcome your sales challenges. With over 30 years of B2B sales experience, we work as an extension of your sales organization providing inside sales support, lead generation services, sales automation solutions and outbound sales programs. As a division of West’s Specialized Agent Services, our Revenue Generation solutions can help you overcome your unique sales challenges.

Commercial Sales Challenges and Sales Strategies

We help you overcome your sales growth challenges through innovative processes and productivity improvements. A unique benefit of our relationship and business models is the ability to generate insights from across our diverse portfolio.  These insights advance conversations from interesting to compelling.

Refining Your Sales Techniques

We provide unique sales strategies and sales structures that augment your sales approach, improving your ability  for meeting or exceeding revenue and profit targets. Our process creates a collaborative approach to sales strategy design resulting in sales execution and evolution in a meaningful way.

Sales Models for New Business Development 

Our strategic discussions lead to a prioritization of strategy and ultimately refine the sales models in several areas.  We provide customized sales models and sales tools based on your specific account needs.