Commercial Sales Challenges and Sales Strategies

Commercial Sales Challenges and Sales Strategies


A unique benefit of our relationship and business models is the ability to generate insights from across our diverse portfolio.  These insights advance conversations from interesting to compelling. Examples include work we’ve done to identify key sales challenges backed by data that result in more prescriptive strategies to fuel growth.  Some of these sales challenges include:

  • Account Coverage
  • New Business Development
  • Open Territory
  • New Market Development
  • Access Challenges

Insightful conversations begin with your answers to current-state questions like these:

Account Coverage
  • Geo-Periphery – What’s the impact on your coverage and share beyond a defined distance from a salesperson’s office?
  • Value/Share – Is your organization limiting growth based on sales time/effort devoted primarily to protecting revenue?
  • Stakeholder Coverage – Is your sales organization focused on expanding stakeholder coverage to improve results?
New Business Development
  • Are you applying science to optimize results as you build your new business funnel?
  • What percentage of your new business development challenges are related to:
    • skill?
    • will?
    • bandwidth?
    • accurate market definition?
Open Territories
  • Vacant Territories can impact your ability to achieve revenue and profit targets in a significant way. Have you analyzed this impact on your business?
  • Is inaccurate territory data impacting speed to market, cost of sales and sales person turnover?
New Market/Channel Development
  • To fuel growth, many organizations are looking to expand their business through the development of new markets and channels. Where does this reside on your sales teams’ priorities?
  • The number of access-challenged prospects and accounts is growing. How are you addressing access challenges?


Current market driven challenges and the evolving buyer journey make it critical to invest in technology and sales methodology that improve sales productivity. Complementing sales talent with the tools and processes to achieve defined sales productivity metrics is critical to realizing the desired revenue outcomes. We continue to invest and innovate across these key components.

To optimize the chosen sales strategies and sales models, we drive improved “sales productivity” through meaningful innovation including:
  • Optimization via Next Sales Call
  • Personalization via Video
  • Sales Motion Continuum
  • Consensus Selling
  • 100% Ride Alongs
  • Socialized Competition
Our proven sales processes include:
  • Sales Motion Continuum – a structured sales process to improve results and forecasting
  • Consensus Selling –reduce the sales cycle and improve win rate by engaging more stakeholders
  • Insight Selling – a defined approach that engages stakeholders earlier in the buying process
Our innovations in sales productivity incorporate:
  • Analytics – driving effective sales coverage to optimize results
  • Video – personalization of sales calls without being face-to-face
  • Webinars – interactive engagements to drive more effective conversations