Sales Design

Revenue Generation Mapping for
Sales Optimization

Relationships are now the new currency as the buying cycle has become more intricate. Our Revenue Generation Mapping Process considers your business goals while evaluating your sales design, ensuring sales objectives align with financial tracking.

We understand business isn’t just what happens on paper. Markets, customers, competitors and company conditions are in a constant state of motion. How your sales design responds determines your ability and success in reaching your goals.

Mapping Profitable Revenue

Our Revenue Generation Mapping Process takes into account existing competencies by conducting a market segmentation analysis and using that to identify detailed, targeted audience persona archetypes in order to prioritize sales opportunities. Then, by taking intelligently parsed segments of data, we develop market-driven sales models. These bridge the gap between strategy and results, building a stronger brand through captured market insights, and connecting with customers while shaping relevant sales offerings.

Value Propositions with the Greatest Potential

Your go-to-market plan should continually evolve to fit refined definitions of customer segments. We work with you to develop a strategy and evolve value propositions based on these segment insights. We help you identify value propositions with the greatest potential, capture the changing customer landscape and reshape sales models as necessary. The end result is an inclusive segment-based value proposition that resonates with multiple decision makers from different spheres of influence in the organization.

Why is this important? Understanding how products and services fit within diverse customer segments allows you to create relationships, establish trust, convey the benefits of the value proposition and elevate your brand. Connecting to customers through messaging moments that matter lets you turn sales into a sustainable competitive advantage.

Following Through with Sales Enablement

Defining the sales tools to deliver each phase of the Mapping Process can be a difficult task. Yet it is the final piece in uniting sales design with meticulous differentiators that drive profitable revenue. We bring structure and expertise to the daunting challenge of deploying sales enablers and creating pathways that bring you customers.

Our Revenue Generation Mapping Process walks you through sales optimization one step at a time by:

  • Conducting a customized market segmentation analysis
  • Engineering sales opportunity identification and prioritization
  • Developing and evolving your market-driven sales models
  • Aligning segment-based value propositions to your customers’ needs
  • Following through with sales enablers designed to generate revenue

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