Sales Models Beyond Feet on the Street

Sales Models Beyond Feet on the Street

Revenue Generation through
Consultative Sales Professionals

Our Revenue Generation offering uses sales models beyond traditional feet on the street by leveraging the changing buying environment and adapting to next generation marketing. Our models shift the emphasis from products to personalization, place to engagement preference, price to market opportunity monetization and promotion to differentiation. Our experienced consultative sales professionals drive differentiation through the sales motion continuum that:

  • Align sales enablers
  • Illustrate the changing environment
  • Demonstrate differentiation through commercial insights
  • Cultivate and grow the sales funnel

Our sales models are designed to lead customers through the buying process. From lead management and team selling to account management and sole territory coverage, our sales models drive incremental sales, increase market share and strengthen customer relationships.

West’s customized Revenue
Generation Sales Models:

Account Management

Account Management expands existing customer relationships through ongoing sales coverage and proactive sales interaction to decrease churn and maximize revenue.

Our Account Management model creates value above and beyond specific opportunities, including improved customer satisfaction, operational and structure alignment within accounts, value creation and complete account strategy execution.

Sole Territory Coverage

Sole Territory Coverage penetrates and develops white spaces, protects territories lacking sales coverage and enhances sales coverage to generate new business.

Organizations are frequently faced with not having enough sales representatives, increased costs from spending too little time with accounts and filling vacant territories. This makes it difficult to target specific areas or markets, leading to forfeited opportunities of revenue.

Our Sole Territory Coverage model takes comprehensive responsibility throughout the entire sales motion continuum to strengthen a company’s market position.

Team Sell

Team Sell coordinates multiple individuals working towards a common goal to improve sales coverage through deeper penetration of existing accounts, identification of new prospects and expansion into new markets.

When face-to-face meetings aren’t accessible until much later in the sales cycle, a consultative team-based approach leads to larger deal sizes, higher customer retention rates, unchartered sales opportunities and greater growth in top-line revenue.

Lead Development

Lead Development is not merely generating leads or managing them. It’s about connecting with customers during the right time, in the right channel with a message that matters.

Our Lead Development model uses comprehensive, accurate intelligence to generate and navigate new sales opportunities. It outlines the process for capturing the right information and critical data, to handing the lead to the most suitable sales representative and ultimately closing the sale. Lead development eliminates the gaps traditional lead management creates through prioritization, measurement, prospect satisfaction and effective follow-up techniques.

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