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Sales Force Optimization Solutions
for Revenue Generation

Revenue Generation through Sales Force Optimization

There is no other single business function as important to a company’s performance than generating revenue. It is the critical success factor to living, growing and sustaining profitable income. West Specialized Agent Services business-to-business sales delivers dedicated and transparent solutions to exceed your sales objectives. Revenue Generation through sales force optimization helps you create, build and grow your sales funnel while creating engaging communications that foster long-term and proven success.

Influencing Buyer Perceptions

The value chain has shifted. The number of stakeholders involved in a typical deal continues to rise and buyers have become increasingly savvy and fickle with their attention spans, causing the business-to-business sales cycle to become longer and more complex. In effect, sales collaboration, customer intelligence and selling strategies are no longer simple deployments. You need to provide enhanced levels of sales intimacy and customer insights to influence buyer perceptions during every stage of the sales cycle.

Aligning Selling with Buying

As business evolves, so should your sales strategy. Through our proprietary Revenue Generation Mapping Process, we break sales optimization into manageable steps to align the way you sell with how your customers buy. True sales effectiveness is directly connected to customer insight–the detail is in the data. We dive into the data to ensure every touch point is maximized and the right message is delivered at the right time.

Connecting to the Moments that Matter

We work to understand what drives customers’ purchasing decisions to maximize output, minimize cost and drive sales productivity. To ensure every sales touch has the highest impact possible, we identify gaps in coverage, optimize face-to-face selling time and increase your product’s speed-to-market—all while minimizing costs.

Reducing Gaps
Eliminating gaps in sales coverage

Our Revenue Generation Mapping Process optimizes sales design to overcome geographic, segment and product gaps that leave revenue vulnerable to competitors – giving you the power to capitalize on sales opportunities and increase market share.

Face-to-Face Selling
Optimizing face-to-face selling

Face-to-face selling time can be difficult to attain within complex decision trees and limited stakeholder availability. Ensuring accounts, products, services and activities are assigned to the appropriate sales team is an essential means of driving sales and revenue. Our Revenue Generation sales models create the optimal sales force structure and augment field sales to improve face-to-face selling time.

Speed to Market
Increasing speed to market

Speed to market isn’t about being fast; it’s about being first without jeopardizing your worth. We help you build the right sales strategies to deliver and enhance your value proposition in a timely and efficient manner by focusing on reach, frequency, sales coverage and speed.

Reducing Costs
Reducing cost of sales

Cost of sales can represent a significant investment and often times spiral out of control if not properly managed. Our Revenue Generation Mapping Process aligns resources where they make a difference, allowing you to reduce expenses and maintain resources sufficient to protect current revenue and future growth.

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