West Interactive Services

Tandem Voice Transfer Services
for Telecom Companies

The ability to reach out and connect with the people around us is more vital and more common than ever before. Every day, we need to collaborate with peers, communicate with customers and keep pace with a rapidly changing world. Not only are these interactions more frequent and more vital, but it now happens using a multitude of technologies from an ever-increasing variety of providers. At the core of the networks that make it all happen is a rapid convergence and the need to efficiently address evolving network architectures and protocols. West’s Telecom Services thrives at the center of these disparate networks, providing interconnection services for all types of providers, including: wireless, wireline, cable and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).

West’s Telecom Services operates a next-generation national network, providing carrier-grade interconnections, reducing costs and merging traditional telecom, mobile and IP technologies onto a common, efficient backbone.

West’s custom telephone number manager system provides an exceptional level of call control, and our least-cost routing engine drives market-leading efficiencies using our own network as well as those of selected underlying carriers. Through our toll-free termination and direct inward dial services, West provides carriers with a more efficient, flexible and reliable competitive tandem solution.

We implement cutting-edge technologies that are then used to make our customers more efficient and competitive. This is the West advantage we deliver and why we win our customers’ business day by day, call by call, idea by idea. Not only today, but we are constantly anticipating our customers’ needs and planning for how to take our services to the next level so we can provide an even more valuable connection tomorrow.

Carrier-grade solutions for efficient and
cost-effective call routing

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