Cloud Voice & Messaging

Cloud Voice & Messaging

West Corporation is a leading technology enablement company that connects people around the world, making companies more efficient and improving lives. West helps its client more effectively communicate, collaborate and connect with their audiences through a diverse portfolio of innovative solutions.

Through Flowroute, our Programmable Telecom Services line of business, we connect people to better communication experiences by helping cloud communications service providers deliver higher quality, more reliable, and simpler services. Flowroute offers nationwide voice, messaging and SIP trunking services that combine carrier-grade access and expertise with the agility of a cloud-based platform. Over 2,800 clients including Avaya use Flowroute today.

Flowroute is a software-centric carrier offering voice and messaging services that uniquely combine carrier-grade access and expertise with the agility of a cloud-based platform. Our status as a registered carrier gives us direct access to and greater control over the underlying telecom infrastructure and peering relationships. And because we built our solution 100% in software, we innovate and deploy in ‘software time’ not ‘hardware time’ with virtually unlimited scalability and automation.

  • Unlike CPaaS providers we’re in the business of real-time communications infrastructure, not applications and don’t plan to compete with our customers.
  • And, unlike other carriers, we don’t deploy any expensive switching hardware. Instead, we remain agile through patented technology and software-based peering connections that effectively mesh multiple physical telecom networks together.

Unlock the Full Potential of Telecom – Make the quality, reliability, and simplicity of your communication services stand out with direct access to telecom from the cloud.

Better Quality

Unprecedented Reliability

Scalable Simplicity

Expert Experience

Give your customers proven superior call quality using our network that routes calls most directly to the final destination. Improve the reliability of your inbound calls by leveraging Flowroute’s unique and patented ability to route around outages and degradation. Create new, enhance and scale your services without adding complexity with direct access to more complete telecom resources. Working with Flowroute is unlike working with any other telecom provider…it’s an experience that ensures your satisfaction and success.
Proof Points
  • Direct media delivery reduces hops
  • 90%+ of inbound calls originate on-net
  • Zero grey routes or aggregators
  • 30 seconds to fallover to different physical network
  • Intuitive self-service portal
  • Dedicated developer portal
  • 13,000+ on-net rate centers
  • 17,000+ phone number rate centers
  • Complete messaging (Local and toll-free SMS, MMS)
  • Scale services truly on demand
  • #1 overall satisfaction (EMG Group)
  • 60+ Net Promoter Score
  • Fully trained support engineers
  • Trusted by Avaya and GE
  • Defined on-boarding process
  • 2-week porting time in a two hour scheduled porting window


Flowroute offers a comprehensive set of voice and messaging services.

  • Voice – Inbound & outbound voice with worldwide termination
  • Phone Numbers – Local, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers for the U.S. & Canada
  • SMS – Text messaging via Long code and toll-free phone numbers
  • MMS – Multimedia messaging via Long code and toll-free phone numbers
  • E911
  • CNAM
  • SIP trunking
  • Fax

Our management platform includes REST APIs and a self-service Web portal that provide programmatic access to, and control over telephony resources such as phone numbers, inbound and outbound calling, SMS, MMS, and advanced signaling data.

Flowroute’s HyperNetwork is a 100% software-based high quality and reliable telecommunications network. It interconnects to other carrier networks and numbering authorities to provide virtual access to multiple physical telecommunications resources using software.

Our network meshes disparate traditional telco networks into a unified network with extensive reach to over 13,000 North American rate centers.

Our 100% software-based network with access to excess capacity across multiple physical networks fully scales on-demand, no hardware or pre-arrangement required.

This patented and exclusive capability can failover U.S. inbound phone calls to an alternative physical carrier network in the event of an outage or impairment.

We perfected a method to separate the signaling and directly route call audio point to point to reduce jitter, echo, latency and packet loss – improving the overall quality.