Partner Conferencing & Collaboration

Partner Conferencing & Collaboration


West offers a variety of partner products integrated with our industry-leading audio conferencing, customer service and meeting expertise. Through our strategic partnerships, we provide solutions that enhance collaboration, improve productivity and drive better results.

World’s largest audio conferencing services provider in the world (by volume as ranked by Wainhouse Research in 2016)

Adobe Connect

With Adobe® Connect™ web conferencing, you can harness the power of digital media from any device, no matter where you are, for a variety of uses. Share video and rich media, including Flash video files and MP3s, promote presenters and break into subgroups for more detailed planning. You can host or participate in meetings from your mobile device. With Adobe Connect, you’re able to create your own personalized meeting environment with a custom URL, shared meeting notes, presentations and recordings in a cloud environment for anytime and anywhere access.


Modeled after traditional auto bridging services, BlueJeans Network® cloud-based video conferencing service makes video meetings easy, interoperable and cost-effective. This scalable solution allows you to connect many participants in a video conference across several different devices while leveraging your existing video conferencing infrastructure. Attendees can collaborate from their desks, on the road or from home using any video-enabled device or standard phone line. With a variety of advanced features that include private virtual meeting rooms in the cloud, scheduling flexibility and scalable architecture, it’s video conferencing made easy.

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms

Use this simple, seamless meeting experience with intuitive, easy-to- use controls for creating, launching, and joining meetings. Cisco CMR builds on Cisco’s industry-leading Cisco TelePresence® videoconferencing and WebEx Meeting Center data-sharing capabilities to offer excellence in business-quality video. It provides a smooth video, audio and web conferencing experience and can scale to accommodate hundreds of participants. You can meet the way you want, when you want.

Cisco Jabber
Cisco Jabber

Available through West’s Unified Communications Services, Cisco Jabber combines key meeting capabilities—presence, enterprise-grade instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, VoIP and Cisco IP telephony—into one secure solution. Cisco Jabber enables you to connect from anywhere on any device with an Internet connection. You’ll be able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, customers and vendors and go from instant messaging to desktop sharing and conferencing. With InterCall integrated audio conferencing, you can join meetings through VoIP, mobile or PSTN lines. Cisco Jabber is designed to improve productivity, efficiency and speed of communication.

Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark makes teamwork easier by allowing users to create a persistent and secure messaging and file sharing “room” that always accessible anytime and from any device.  Start face-to-face meetings with screen sharing, securely send messages and share files, review message and file history and participate from a mobile device, computer, or even a browser.

Cisco WebEx Cloud Connect Audio

Cisco  WebEx Cloud Connected Audio, powered by West’s Unified Communications Services brings the best of West and WebEx together in the cloud. This conferencing solution for WebEx connects customers to a Cisco collaboration cloud datacenter via West’s dedicated peering connections.

Cisco WebEx Event Center

Increase the reach and effectiveness of your online events with Cisco WebEx Event Center. You can generate qualified leads for your pipeline, launch new products, host company-wide meetings and run end-to-end large-scale events. Capabilities include presentation sharing, streaming video, polling, chat, threaded Q&A, annotation and a variety of helpful ways to track, engage and follow up with prospects.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center gives you the power to interact with anyone, anytime, from anywhere using a web browser, mobile phone or tablet. Share applications, presentations and documents in real time. The high-definition video automatically switches to the current speaker, so you always know who is talking. This gives you the power to make your online meetings more engaging with face-to-face communication. Additional WebEx Meeting Center features include user-friendly audio controls, personalized rooms, document sharing and multi-media sharing, easy Microsoft® Outlook® and IBM® Lotus Notes® scheduling, note panels and polling.

Cisco WebEx Support Center

Cisco WebEx Support Center allows you to deliver real-time, personalized customer service and support. You can take remote control of a user’s computer to diagnose and solve problems, apply patches and updates, retrieve data files for analysis and install new applications. Use WebEx Support Center to optimize customer support and improve compliance with network-based recordings to document sessions, expedite incident resolution and train new support staff. Additional features include file transfer, session recording and editing, integrated video and chat.

Cisco WebEx Training Center
Cisco WebEx Training Center

Create a dynamic, interactive virtual classroom experience with Cisco WebEx Training Center. An easy-to-use solution, WebEx Training Center combines the real-time power of video conferencing, user-friendly teaching tools and advanced enrollment and grading capabilities into one, integrated solution with no need for additional software. Use WebEx Training Center to launch new products, train a global workforce (while reducing costs), host educational presentations or run demonstrations. Features include integrated audio controls, small-group breakout sessions, quick scheduling, polling, screen sharing and high-definition video.

Microsoft Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Online, offered by West’s Unified Communications Services, allows you to find and quickly connect with the right person through instant messaging (IM), Lync video calls or online meetings from within the Office applications you already use every day. Fully integrated with InterCall Reservationless-Plus, you get advanced call control and external participants can join from nearly any device.