Webinars & Enterprise Streaming

Webinars & Enterprise Streaming


Our services enhance communication both inside and outside of your organization. West’s interactive virtual environments, engaging webcasts, rich video experiences and helpful support ensure your message is delivered with impact and effectiveness. Using innovative virtual technology and the global reach only West can provide, we help clients in marketing, training and corporate communications initiate engaging virtual conversations that lead to increased ROI.


Webcast Pro: Best New Content Marketing Solution! Stevie Winner American Business Awards

Webcast Pro

Webcast Pro is a full-service webcast solution designed to support one-to-many broadcasts and is the ideal platform for sales and marketing campaigns, town halls and corporate conferences, training and eLearning Programs, and investor relations.  Event hosts can easily create and manage a multi-page registration microsite that tracks hits, registrants and attendees.

Webcast Essentials

Webcast Essentials is designed to bring the power of webcasting to everyday marketing and communications professionals. With a self-service module, users have access to all the features, metrics, branding and registration controls to schedule and host professional webinars on the fly.

Virtual Events
Virtual Environments and Virtual Events

Companies like CapGemini and IBM have chosen West solutions to create branded interactive environments for both live and on-demand events. West Virtual Environments are innovative online channels designed to engage your customers, prospects, partners and employees. Host sales meetings, product launches and other live events, conduct live and on-demand training or create a perpetual environment that’s always available globally for customers, partners or employees. With Virtual Environments, you’ll have fully branded, interactive portals you can use to inform, educate and interact with audiences.

Virtual Environments can be used by marketing, corporate communications and human resources departments as a way to generate leads, engage customers and attract new employees. Common applications include online user conferences, online trade shows, product launches, company meetings, sales kickoffs, partner portals, job fairs and employee training.

Corporate Tube
CorporateTube Enterprise Video

Your employees possess unique knowledge and information that could be of benefit to your organization as a whole. CorporateTube, our internal video-sharing portal, allows your employees to easily share their insights with one another, decentralizing knowledge creation. With CorporateTube, users can create, author, edit and share videos for internal applications like training, remote learning, collaboration or corporate communications. It provides a centralized solution for all live and on-demand video which speeds training time, reduces costs of siloed content systems, improves control of content and delivers scalable corporate communications. CorporateTube is a secure environment with flexible deployment options including SaaS, on-premises or a hybrid model.

Learn more about how CorporateTube video creation and sharing can enhance employee productivity, increase knowledge sharing, improve internal communications and reduce costs for your organization.

Operator Assisted
Operator Assisted and Direct Event Conferencing

Whether you’re organizing a conference call with five or 500 people, you want to be confident that your event will go off without a hitch. Ensure the success of your high-profile teleconferences and online events with West’s Operator Assisted conferencing solutions that offer an added level of support and assistance to give you peace of mind. Enhance your call with live expert operators to plan, schedule, support and moderate or elect for an automated assisted conference. Direct Event conferencing combines professional assistance and personalization with the ease of automation. Participants can join just by entering a passcode and an operator is available during your called to offer any assistance needed.

These conferencing solutions are available internationally with 24/7 global support. Use them to conduct weekly status meetings, lead company-wide team meetings, launch products or host investor relations calls.

Onsite Event Capture

Capturing what transpires in break-out sessions during live conferences, trade shows and seminars is challenging.  Give your event perpetual shelf life with On-Site Event Capture. Digitally capture events from the “as if you were in the room” perspective. Run simulcasts, produce programs, and archive speakers and presentations for on-demand access. Syndicate content of all types – speakers, slides, videos – in real-time or for on-demand playback.

BlueJeans Primetime

BlueJeans Primetime, powered by West’s Unified Communications Services,  blends video conferencing and streaming capabilities into one easy, intuitive platform for a more engaging online event.  Now you can combine up to 150 audio participants and 100 video participants in the same meeting.  You can present and view from any device – room systems, telephones, desktops and mobile devices.  Meet with confidence with InterCall Reservationless-Plus’s superior audio – the industry’s only global VoIP conferencing network.